Reblog: Nice Guys ™

Posted on: February 27, 2011

Nice Guys(tm)! I’ve dated one, and… that’s a sad story for another post. But there have been a lot of posts about it, and I think they’re important, so I shall re-blog some lovely articles here.

Nice Guys(tm) – they suck, and here’s why:

Shakesville: What is a Nice Guy(tm)?

Moderate Left: Nice Guys(tm) finish last…

Harpyness: …for good reason!

Heartless Bitches International: Why Nice Guys(tm) are often such LOSERS.

Diva Lion of LiveJournal: No More Mr. Nice Guy(tm)

Random Babble: Nice Guys(tm) in media [Xander Harris in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TV]

Nice Guy(tm), a comic – part I

Nice Guy(tm), a comic – part II

Nice Guy(tm), a comic – part III

There’s a Wikipedia page. Don’t ever read it.

And also, a Nice Guy(tm) is not a guy who is nice. He is not kind, or caring, or compassionate. If you are a guy, and you are nice, for real, then you are not a Nice Guy(tm). But if you get offended by the Nice Guy(tm) thing because you think women really do prefer to be treated like shit, then you’re kind of missing the point.


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